Thursday, January 27, 2011

On-line Chess - Part 1.3 - Language support

If you can speak English you could play with a lot of people all around the world because most of chess web sites have English as allowed language. Looking around I found out that language support is not provided by most of the sites. Language support means that an Italian player, for instance, could log-in the web site and find an interface with Italian content (buttons, links, information, alert messages, tutorials and so on). Ok, it is true a chess player has to know at least English language nowadays and if he/she wants to play anyway I’m pretty sure he/she will be able to somehow (chess has its own language!) but why limit people to use the playing service because they have never studied English?

Figure language support is far to be perfect. Italian and English words lives together in the home page
When you have to chat to some other player through the service an interesting but limiting solution has been adopted: a set of prepared phrases are ready to be chosen in the language of one player, the destination player receives that phrases translated in his/her language. Undoubtedly is a plus, but what a wonderful chat when the discussion needs to be complex!

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