Thursday, January 27, 2011

On-line Chess - Part 1.1 - Concepts

Playing chess is a passion for a lot of people around the world. When I was young I remember I played chess at school, in clubs and in tournaments. It required me to be updated on chess events and to find chess clubs near home. Internet has been a great revolution for finding an opponent. Although playing in front of a real board with real pieces and real clock and against a real human is an experience you cannot live on-line (the smell of wood, the noise of a piece exchange, the touch on the chess clock not to mention the flag of the opponent which seems to drop in a moment but never falls, …), playing chess over internet is by all means easy, quick and costs zero (unless you want special services).
This article has the goal to lead the reader through the world of chess gaming on-line. In part 1 I will start introducing the main concepts and features of the subject according to what is possible to find over the net, for free or by paying a fee, and I will conclude evaluating a set of existing web sites providing the chess gaming service in part 2.

Outline part 1:
- client program
- language support
- live or turn base
- social meetings
- rating and levels
- challenges
- other play possibilities
- games watching
- game archive and statistics
- analysis
- customizations
- security
- play everywhere
- graphics
- population
- other stuff
- play for free

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