Sunday, April 7, 2013

MindTheCheck's events

MindTheCheck is about to open a new section dedicated to events, such as tournaments and series of matches. Every registered user will be able to participate in these events, always FREE.
The section is still experimental, but would allow players to meet each other.

The first MtC event will be of type SoM (Set of Matches), ie a set of turn-based chess matches to a maximum of 4 matches per player. Each event will be accompanied by a special web space in order to monitor the progress of the event and ranking. The first SoM is friendly (unrated), ie the matches do not contribute to change the player's ELO rating: a way to socialize with the most active users of the Club.

When will be possible to apply to a new event, users will be notified by email. Among their settings it will be added an option to disable this service for those who does not want to receive this type of information.

Stay tuned, therefore, the first event of MindTheCheck is coming soon...

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