Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome Mind The Check!

Mind The Check is the new web site for playing online chess for free. it offers the chance to play correspondence chess (turn based chess) and live chess(time based chess), rated and unrated games, gives the players the opportunity to check their progress in term of strength and look at their own games whenever they want.

The site is online for some time but it unveils itself only recently to the web community, thanks to its latest stable version that makes use of cutting-edge software technologies as JSF2.0 and Atmosphere Framework.

The project was created by combining the need to renew competence and the curiosity for some emerging technologies, finding in an old interest in the Game of Chess, a breeding ground for this activity. By the time the project has grown, maintaining the same spirit and gaining expertise everytime an obstacle got passed,  opening the door to new ideas and new challenges.

Mind The Check is constantly evolving, so many ideas still have to be realized, but it is now ready to be known and it is open to any advice or suggestions that can make the chess player life on the virtual chess board easier or just more interesting.

Good game!

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